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BlendELF, new open source game engine

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BlendELF Some people have probably seen me shouting around about BlendELF at irc and a few other forums, so bear with me, I'm gonna post it here too ;). Website: Forums: Youtube: Model made by Jani "Jerico" Lintunen. "BlendELF is a engine written by me, an IT student at the University of Jyväskylä. I am coding the engine as my portfolio project, as a proof of my skills in 3d graphics and game logics/systems coding. I release this engine under the assumption that it could be useful for other people in making quck prototypes and small games. I reserve the right to halt the development of this engine at will, at any given time." I also made a few tutorials for the current release (BlendELF 0.9 Alpha 2010.3.13), so go check them out at the website ( if you are interested ;). Here are some of blendelf key features: - Fast development through LUA - OpenGL renderer enabling crossplatform development and compatibility - Dynamic visibility culling with hardware occlusion queries - Completely shader based rendering architecture (Shader Model 3.0) - Blender exporter - Special effects like normal/parallax/specular mapping - Post processing effects like Bloom and Depth of Field - Keyframe animations - Physics powered by Bullet Physics - Built in GUI objects like labels, buttons and pictures - Built in 3d and stereo audio support, support for OGG and WAV formats [Edited by - toonist on April 7, 2010 2:44:15 AM]

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Original post by Inestical
Looks impressive everytime I see these.

When are you planning to release an editor for it?

Not sure yet, still have some key features to implement before starting to work on other stuff.

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BlendELF 0.9 Beta released!


Whats new:
- skeletal animations
- C++ and .NET API
- particles ( + mesh emitters )
- light shaft post processing effect
- joystick support
- physics updates (joints, restitution, sleep threshold and limiting physics to axises)
- IPO curves (for animations)
- more tutorials (GUI, particles, C++)
- rendering optimizations
- bug fixes
- Misc.: global tick rate and speed controls, errors recorded to elf.log, scn and gui built in variables removed (functions now return these objects, check the tutorials), over riding F10

Big thanks for Michael Gale for the .NET binding

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