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dotnet 3.5 redist problem

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hi everybody
I'm coding in VS 2008 (C#), I use SQLexpress and I think my project uses .NET 3.5 (I've started my project with default VS 2008/C# settings so it should be 3.5, right?)
Now I'm going to distribute my app (which is an SMS gateway), I've tested the app on some machines HAVING VS 2008 and SQL already installed, so I had no problem in running, but recently I had another test system which wasn't used to be a coding system so when installing the app (initially I made an install package using a little app called Smart Install Maker) there was a need for .NET framework 3.5, I had a small app around 2MB called .NET 3.5 which I had included in the setup program, but it asked me to download something from web (around 60MB), I have several questions, please help me:
how can I find .NET version on a system?
is there a FULL PACKAGE for end-users? something that I can include in the setup and users can install it freely, without web connection
I've downloaded Install Shield 2010, how can I use it to make setups? It has a feature for supporting VS 2008, is there any sample?
and SQL, what is the best strategy for installing SQL? as SQL has really diverse versions each of which is a new world!

thanks in advance

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Look for the "standalone (or offline) redistributable". Here is one for 4.0: [url=""][/url]

They often use the web installer to save on content download, because the offline one needs to contain the files for the many combinations your clients might have (32 or 64 bit, Win Xp, Vista, or 7). Thankfully the 4.0 one I linked shows only 48.1 MB for the offline download, compared to 896 KB for the web installer. If they are getting your software from anywhere online though, they may end up downloading more data if you bundle the offline one. What about if they are current or newer than the requirements? The web installer will detect that.

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