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ResizeBuffer Not Working !

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hi ;

i have this function to resize my Application

[code] RECT Rect ;
ZeroMemory(&Rect , sizeof(RECT));
::GetWindowRect ( _hwnd , &Rect);

UINT tempwidth = Rect.right - Rect.left ;
UINT tempheight = Rect.bottom - ;


if ( SUCCEEDED ( _SwapChain->ResizeBuffers ( _Swp_Chain_desc.BufferCount, tempwidth , tempheight , _Device_Format , 0 )))

if ( SUCCEEDED (_SwapChain->GetBuffer (0 , __uuidof(ID3D11Texture2D) , reinterpret_cast <void**>(&_Target_Tex2D))))

if ( FAILED( _Device->CreateRenderTargetView ( _Target_Tex2D , 0 , &_Target)))

and i call this function when i get WM_SIZE message in the loop game.

and whene i resize my window i get everything black and it is my render target color

but if i dont resize my window i get the scene correctly that is a HUD and meshes

ok guys you have the code

is it the probleme in the code or another else.

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