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Point sprites + ugly clipping on ATI

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I use the point sprites feature of Directx 9 to draw particles in my engine, which I think is a very nice feature, but I'm having the following problems on ATI hardware:

-Point sprites apparently have a maximum size on the screen of about 256 pixels.... but I can live with this problem.

-The point sprites are clipped if their center gets out of screen. This is the one that really bothers me... it looks really crappy because all particles dissapear prematurely at the edge of the screen.

Again, on NVIDIA it works like a charm, only ATI is causing me this head ache.

Honestly I would prefer this technique over rendering actual triangles, because it is an elegant approach and it fits so well how I render things in my engine. Plus the speed of course.

Is anyone aware of some workaround for this problem?

Many thanks!

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