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Sky Rush

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Our latest game "Sky Rush" has been released on the iTunes store. "Sky Rush" is an augmented reality (AR) fps game built using the awesome Unity engine.

For those interested it was developed by a team of 3 (and a half) over a period of two months working on a part-time basis.

We have created a mini website for the game where you can see screenshots and some of the weapons/tech available in the game:

Game site

You can see the iTunes page here:

The game features the Critters characters from an earlier game of ours called "Critter Ball", which in turn was based on a short animation called "Arcade Trap" (which can be watched here:

We look forward to your responses to the game.


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iOS5 Update and Game Trailer


we have recently released an update to Sky Rush, updates include:
- Added iOS5 support for augmented reality control,
- The non-AR control (i.e. "touch control") has been totally re-worked (it has actually become our preferred control scheme - not so tiring on the arms),
- Added new game mode call "Arcade" designed specifically for bus/train/plane/car travel (or lying in bed). As this mode was designed for the new Critter types and weapons coming in the next big update, we thought it was best classified as a "beta" feature - but it is still great fun to play,
- Added "Auto Complete" alternative to some of the more gruelling Challenge Mode games (now everyone can enjoy the awesome power of the Dual Mini-gun, you just have to kill 500 Critters in one of the other game modes),
- Revised prompt and objective system to make Challenge objectives clearer and more intuitive,
- Revised several of the Challenge Mode games to make the overall unlocking experience more enjoyable,
- Changing some of the flow of the weapon unlocking to give the first-time user access to a wider variety of weapons,
- Performance enhancements across the board,

Hoping you folks like the update!

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