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OpenGL OpenGL is missing functions

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Hi, I'm learning OpenGL. I assumed this would be the best section to post this thread, because many games are made in OpenGL. There's no place to post this in my other forum, so yeah, I came here.

Anyways, here's the problem. I first off do not have glut.h I was first following some guy's tutorial, but quit because of missing functions(this video was from 2007). Then, I moved on to XoaX's video, and at first, I was missing glut.h, so I replaced it with

#include <gl/GL.h>
#include <gl/GLU.h>

Still, there were missing functions. I then opened a book I got, and turned to a random page, with a OpenGL function, and tried it, and it wasn't there. The thing is, is that he's using the same compiler, and IDE, and OS as me. I don't understand why it's not working. Not only that, but he didn't tell us to download any SDK, or anything at all.

Thanks for your help you guys.

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If youre on windows, you need to use an external library, like GLEW, GLee, or GL3W to get access to openGL functions from any version above 1.1

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