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Augmented Reality

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before i start i was not exactly sure where to post, but since this is all about Visual Arts i guess it's ok. I hope we get the opportunity to make contacts in the design community and b) introduce our augmented reality product, which is currently in a beta phase and totally [b]free of charge[/b] (so it is not a job offer)

I will make it short and painless, a few facts:
1) It's an app for iPhone/iPad (no flaming please, we are working on a version for 'droids ;))
2) The app displays your uploaded models instantly on your mobile device (a portable showcase anywhere you go, be it at a convention or at the dinner table)
3) It's fun if you don't find any other reason to use it.

If you think you want to showcase your models and your skills (private models can be hidden) check out [url=""][/url], if you have any other questions feel free to send me a message.


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