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Render Target Size & Viewport

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Hi everyone,

I have an application where I need to render to render targets of different dimensions.
These can go from e.g. 800x600 to 4Kx4K or maybe even 8Kx8K etc.

So I assume that I really need to watch out that my render targets fit in the GPU memory!

So I was thinking to just use a few render targets of e.g. 4Kx4K but adapt the viewport instead of creating render targets of all those different sizes.

But my question is, if I render to a viewport of 800 x 600 on a 4Kx4K render target is there any performance drawback?
Any thoughts?

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Meh, ignore the above post, I need to create different dimensions sized render targets else I need to change dozens of older shaders and adapt a lot of old code pfffff

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