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Outlasting the Dead goes public

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Outlasting the Dead is a PC based 3[sup]rd[/sup] person over the shoulder action zombie shooter game in development by SilverHelm Studios. After much work and toil our kickstarter campaign and independent developer recruitement is in full swing!!!

About the game:

The story takes place in the year 2050 following an apocalyptic outbreak of zombies inadvertently unleashed when Necromancers enact an ancient revenge upon a sneering society. Unfortunately the outbreak of the risen dead quickly spreads out of their control and becomes a massacre of the living, with a black magical necrotic infection reanimating the newly deceased. Enter the gamer into the shoes of one of 12 unique Avatars trying to survive the myriad of relentless zombie hordes following the fall of civilization forever known as N-Day.

While Outlasting the Dead incorporates some story elements to set the stage and introduce each Avatar, the main focus of the game is on survival, and pitting your wits, weapons and your environment to survive 100 waves of the living dead. We’ve taken several great shooter elements and wrapped them into a refreshing take on the “zombie game stigma” that gives a lighthearted, albeit gory, crude, and sometimes farfetched, approach to run and gun survival.

Outlasting the Dead has:

  • 12 playable Avatars (2 of which are rare) with a level cap of 75
  • 60 interchangeable and customizable Avatar outfits (12 of which are rare) with hundreds more clothing items planned.
  • 9 different zombie types ranging from slow and small, too big and fast.
  • 5 Unique and challenging zombie bosses
  • 8 different game modes supported by single player and up to 4 player online Co-op
  • 15 different upgradeable weapons ranging from a 9mm pistol to an automatic grenade launcher with dozens more planned.
  • 4 types of traps with 12 total traps available for defending yourself and your friends.
  • 10 multi-level maps from locations ranging all over the globe.
  • 12 Avatar specific melee weapons.
  • 19 Avatar specific executions.
  • Multiple voice acted Avatar specific sound tracks that can be interchanged.
  • Three difficulty settings in case easy, is just too darn easy for you.
  • The ability to manipulate your environment.
  • Random zombie attacks. Just because it happened one way doesn’t mean it’ll be the same next time. Each level will have multiple strategies that can be used to change the gameplay experience every time you play.
  • Player medallions (achievements) and title rewards for being awesome that can be displayed in game as well as viewed online via the SilverHelm Studios website.
  • And tons more!!!

    Visit us on our Website at: www.outlasting-the-dead.com, www.shogn.net
    You can also view our kickstarter page and video at: http://www.kickstart...asting-the-dead We have some outstanding rewards and could really use the help and support.
    Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook....379373852107324

    Thanks for visiting!!

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