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Which is the most free brillant shader(s) for ordinary environment?

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such as warehouses, rooms and buildings, skies and waters suitable for game/realtime environment
Could you give me the link please?
Even closest to 3ds max rendering engine, I believe its engine uses some interpolation methods to create a smooth image.
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Shaders are not the sole aspect in making a good scene, and definitely not a general purpose solution. There are a lot of steps in creating the proper inputs for the shaders to even do their work.

If you're looking for a "smooth image", you're probably thinking of Anti-Aliasing shaders, try FXAA ([url=""][/url]).

Water is a hard thing to get right, check out this tutorial ([url=""][/url]).

As far as general purpose lighting check out diffuse lighting([url=""][/url]), specular lighting ( [url=""][/url]). That should get you a half-way decent thing to look at.

Skies generally are just unlit sky-boxes, though there are some cool techniques out there to make them look good.

This is a deep rabbit hole though, and not something you can just get some shaders for. Good luck!

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