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msvc++ reinstall - result: crashes

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Hey guys,

Recently i've reinstalled my pc which also included a new visual studio 2010 installation. With this new installation i'm experiencing alot (about once per minute) of visual studio crashes. Here's some things i was doing when vs crashed:

  1. Linking
  2. Typing a . (opening autocomplete)
  3. Pressing F5 to start a debug session
  4. Any time the debugger hits a breakpoint
  5. Any time a breakpoint is placed while a debug session is in progress

Also the output generated (an executable) seems to be corrupt or something similar. I am able to run the application but the scripting environment (angelscript) goes completely whack. As in where a perfectly fine Vec3 is interpreted as all float max values.

This all happens with a codebase that was working perfectly fine before which suggests the issue is tool related rather than source or solution.
I have installed all available windows updates and visual studio updates (eg vs SP1). I am missing a hotfix i had before the reinstall though, but this hotfix i needed because builds were hanging up on '.exe in use' so i dont think this hotfix will fix all of these issues.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on where to go from here (i have allready tried another reinstall and that didnt help)

I appreciate any help,

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