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Depth_test Enabling renders nothing with LEQUAL or LESS (GL3+)

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Hello all,

I'm having an awkward problem and haven't been able to solve this yet.

I am rendering a basic random point cloud using VAO's, VBO+IBO, glsl 1.5, etc.

The problem is that i can render everything just fine when disabling DEPTH_TEST or setting DepthFunc to GEQUAL or GREATER. this is not what i wanted. i need the depth buffer to be using LESS or LEQUAL.

anyone have any idea why this could be happening?

When using GREATER the point cloud shows up on screen (not sorted correctly but thats because of the depth func, it's inverted).
When using LESS or LEQUAL nothing shows up on screen..

here's my render states:

glFrontFace( GL_CCW );
glCullFace( GL_BACK );
glEnable( GL_CULL_FACE );

glDisable( GL_BLEND );

glDepthFunc( GL_LEQUAL );
glDepthMask( true );
glEnable( GL_DEPTH_TEST );
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My two guesses is that you either have the near and far clip planes reversed (likely not the issue if you're using a perspective projection), or you're clearing the depth buffer with 0 instead of 1.

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Thanks for the help! It was indeed the depth buffer clear set to 0.. Thank you so much, you just released me from a day of pain looking for this problem!

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