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Hello all,


I've been working on showreels lately. It's something that I've not really had to do before, and I'm having a little trouble, in both knowing what I should do, and whether I'm doing it well.


So far, I've decided to split the music reels into two, one for dramatic orchestral music (my most developed area), and one for the other types of music that I can do and think that devs may want in their projects. I have kept them to around two minutes, with 15 - 20 second clips of tracks. Instead of synching the tracks to footage, I have simply made a short animation of my title and looped it (which of course will not be the case with the sound design demo!)


I have some experience scoring films, but I have kept the showreels all about listening.


Are these smart decisions? Here is the first one...


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! As I say, it would be nice to know whether this is something a dev would value being sent, and of course whether or not people think the music is good.


Thanks a lot!



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