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Code Portfolio Submission

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I'm about to start applying for a programmer position at game studios, so I'll need to put together a portfolio.  As a programmer, this means actual code and ideally something showing off the running game like the binary.  I recall at hearing from some industry guys at a GDC 2012 talk that they do not want binary submissions because they can contain malicious code.  So my question is, what is it that I should submit other than my code?  Do they want the MSVC++ solution to build and run it themselves?  Do they just want the code to look at?  Should I submit a video file of the running game so they don't even have to bother building it and still see what the end product is?


Also, every project I've finished worth showing uses borrowed game assets that I'm not allowed to legally distribute/sell myself.  If I submit these projects to a game company/HR, would there be a problem sending them assets along with it with some sort of disclaimer that the art/sound/aethetic assets are not my own nor do I have the rights to them?


Thanks for the responses and/or insight.

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Why limit yourself to one option. Provide:

  1. A link to a video showing the game
  2. A link to the source code (added bonus: instructions how to build it themselves)
  3. A link to the binaries

Also, don't use assets you're not allowed to use. There's plenty free, and where there's not your own placeholders are fine.

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