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Questions about this mandelbrot set video...

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Vortez    2714

Hi, i just stumbled upon this video on youtube, and was wondering how could they achive such deep, more specifically, how on earth could they use 2.1 x 10 exp 275 floating points numbers.


Don't get me wrong, i know how a mandelbrot set is programed, i've done an application that can either use the cpu or gpu (shader) to make one, but, as you've problably guessed i was using float or double so i can only zoom a little while before it start to get pixelated due to floating point (im)precision.


This is insane, althrough, i doubt it was made in real time...


Note: Apparently, this could cause seizure if your epileptic, sooo, watch out !!

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unbird    8336

[url=""]Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic[/url]. And no, defintively not realtime. It's actually mentioned in the comments that it took [i]half a year[/i] on a 12 core PC to produce the images.

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