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Wonky texture in Polygon directx9

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rukiruki    161

My rendering seems great and fine so far, except when I try to render a texture to a polygon (typically 4 vertices as a triangle list).

The texture is a very simple colourful rectangle:

The above image is saved inside a 1024x1024 texture, so the Power of 2 is not an issue.

I render to a quad with an elongated bottom, and the centre of the texture get's a bit biased and wonky towards the left hand side, shown in the following image:

I need the texture to be rendered evenly throughout the polygon, I need the following photoshopped picture as a result:

I looked at PIX of the frame and the triangles are being rendered with the correct UV and vertices values

So I don't really know why it is skewing slightly to the left down the centre. Is it because of the triangle split down the diagonal of the polygon? Do I need to enable a blending method or something?

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