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Sierra Ops [Work in Progress]

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Game Resolution: 1280x720
Platform: Win/Mac/Linux
Genre: Space Theme, War
Features: Immense Battleship-shmup Gameplay, Branching Storyline, Generated Side Missions, Fully customizable ship weaponries with multiple upgrades, .


Hello Gamedev.net people,
I'm Jason from InnoMen Productions team, and Sierra Ops is our newest game in production. It is a remake of our old game, Operation SD: Space Defense, and here in our rebuild, we're not just simply recreating the same game all over again and tweak a few settings and port it. The new game offers a whole lot new features such as:
a. Friendlier and improved UI design
b. Character artworks
c. More music
d. Improved gameplay elements
e. Branching Story
f. Better graphics
g. More skills and various stats you can build up on
h. A very immense semi-realistic plot to follow
Sierra Ops is a game of consequences; the game features mostly what awaits people when war suddenly happens after hundred years of peace. You will play as Junius Fahrenheit, who is one of the many soldiers that were forced into the very first interplanetary war.
A month after the Ares Confederation took control of the Lagrange colonies and Earth's orbital space, you were assigned as Captain of "Sierra", a very powerful experimental battleship. A privilege though it may seem, you were not fully briefed as to why were you given such a very critical responsibility.
In addition, you were tasked to reclaim control of the colonies using Sierra. Depending on your choices and courses of action during missions, the characters around you will be affected greatly.
Will you be a role model soldier who will follow your Fleet Command to the letter, they who have given you such power and responsibility? 
Will you back out from the war and try under your best efforts to stop bloodshed under your own volition? 
All is fair in war. Whatever your decision is, you are the Captain of Sierra, and ultimately, the one in charge in undertaking Sierra Ops.
How the war started:
The Main Cast:
Name: Lieutenant Commander Junius Fahrenheit
Name: Major Jean Brookes
Name: CIC Officer, Ensign Claine de Lune
Name: Research Assistant Freija Tal
If you want more details about the characters in the game we've listed them here:
The Music:
All OSTs of the game are 100% original , composed by Colin Tremingway.
All music related to the game can be found in the playlist below:
The Art:
Most of the artworks are done by Gtd-carthage (http://ungdi-sea.deviantart.com) and Helrouis (http://helrouis.deviantart.com)
Here are a few screenshots and artworks we can show so far for the game.
To stay updated, we recommend visiting our website regularly. The game is commercial, but we'll ensure that our demo offers good enough experience of what the full game may have. We'll link the game here in GameDev forums once we're done. If you have any questions, leave comments here in our thread and also, let us know what you think of our game. 
InnoMen Productions Team

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