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DX11 Collada model rendering problems with Dx11

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Im making a project for school and i came to the rendering part of the project.

I have chosen to use collada for files because i want to add animations later on.


And im using assimp as an import library for now, planning on using it later on to convert Collada models to an custom format.

Now i have implemented everything but now im stuck with one minor problem.

The imported model doesn't draw correct with DrawIndexed() but i does draw correct with the Draw() command.


What im wondering is there an way to make it work with DrawIndexed(), like setting

an export option in blender or 3D max or is there an flag in assimp i can set?


If its easy and doesn't take too much time i could implement it, but im kinda time constrained for this project.

Hope this is the right section for this topic.

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Well, I can only guess.


The special thing about drawindexed is that it uses the index buffer to get/index the vertices and how the triangles (or something else) are constructed, maybe you haven't supplied it? The Draw doesn't use the index buffer.


If draw works, you probably don't need to export it differently, you just need to load an index buffer, and btw, do you set the topology? smile.png


Hope this helps, and maybe clears some things up. wink.png


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Found the solution i used the Dx11 sdk samples as an start for the rendering code.

But i myself used unsigned int for indices but the sample code i used as an base was still on unsigned short. 


/Feels stupid... tongue.png

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