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Amplify Texture 2 - Development Showcase

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Amplify Texture 2 is coming and with it a multitude of new features and improvements, we decided to create this thread in order to share all the upcoming developments.


As a reminder, Amplify Texture 2, unrivaled texture virtualization for Unity Pro is available exclusively in our website, currently 20% off, subject to change after final launch. Upon pre-ordering, early adopters will be granted immediate access to Amplify Texture 1.5 along with the latest development builds of Amplify Texture 2 as they become available and access to  the private development forum.

Amplify Texture 2 - Development Showcase, Part 1

In Part 1 of this series we will showcase:
  • Multi-Tile UV support and automated workflow using MARI, Zbrush, Mudbox and compatible naming conventions.
  • Virtualized Displacement and Tessellation.
  • We take a deeper look at the already efficient variable bit rate compression used in Amplify Texture and to be improved further in the upcoming Amplify Texture 2. 

Features and Workflow


">Amplify Texture 2 - Features Overview, Part 1 - YouTube
Abandoned Factory Demo

">Amplify Texture 2 - Features Overview, Part 1 Demo - YouTube


Visit Amplify.pt for more information on our products and the features demonstrated.
Special thanks to The Foundry for providing the Blacksmith data set and Renato Martinho for the great accompanying music and mixing. Check out more of his work at Renato Martinho's Portfolio. The scene presentend was constructed thanks to Better Reality and their awesome scanning technology Thorskan. We used raw, high quality, high resolution scanned data in order to showcase the power of Amplify Texture 2. Thorskan is an extremely effecient system and we invite you to check it out, you might have seen it already in action in the latest reveal from Farm 51 - Get Even.

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Hello everyone, we are very happy to announce that the second Amplify Texture 2 development build is available to all early adopters. Dev Build 2 introduces new amazing functionalities and improvements, we are getting very close to a production ready version and on track to release before June.
Amplify Texture 2 changelog:
  • Multi-VT support; Up to 16 simultaneous Virtual Textures per-scene (max 64 Terapixel)
  • Dramatic runtime memory footprint reduction; RAM footprint no longer depends on VT size
  • Introduced Virtual Texture Hardware Level property
  • Added new Cache Sizes for High and Ultra HW Level modes; 1024MB_16K and 2048MB_16K
  • Improved runtime performance inside the editor
You can view the full change log in our Download Page.
We are also happy to announce one of our excellent partners; Nurulize Inc, co-founded by industry veteran; Scott Metzger, on a path to revolutionize their field of work.
Watch Scott's presentation given in the latest GTC and get a sneak peek of what is going on with the usage of Amplify Texture 2, more to come soon.

Building Photo-Real Virtual Reality from Real Reality, Byte by Byte

Click the *image to view the video.

*low resolution, captured from the presentation slideshow


Their website will be updated soon; stay tuned Nurulize Inc.
Product Page - Amplify Texture 2
Edited by Amplify Creations

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