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L. Spiro

BC6H Viewers?

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I’ve added BC6H and BC7 support to my LSDxt tool, but verifying my results has been difficult since I need to get an objective tool for viewing them. I made my own viewer, but I found a discrepancy and I need to be sure, either by popular vote or by finding a working tool.

Intel’s ISPC tool simply doesn’t work. It just shows a black screen.
Microsoft’s Texture Tools had a problem (either lack of support or crashing or something, I forgot).
NVIDIA’s tools simply don’t support them.

#1: Any tools that DO work? If you have a tool I listed above and it does work for you, see #2.

#2: I have included the files containing discrepancies here.  They are the same image generated via different tools.  As I said, I made a viewer (just loading them into my engine and drawing them as a texture over the screen), and I get different results, but as I said in order to verify my results I would like others to test.  If you have your own engine or viewer and it is easy for you to view the results, please let me know which one (the “Btex” version or the other version) appears correctly to you.


The reason I need popular vote is because the one that appears correctly to me is the one that I made.  The one that appears incorrectly to me was made by another tool, and I am prone to assume that that tool is correct, which may mean a problem with my asset-loading pipeline/viewer.


So, again, if it is easy for you, please report back with which file appears correct to you.


Thank you.



L. Spiro

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