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DISCLAIMER - This is not in development, just an idea dump.


Logistics - the organization of moving, housing, and supplying troops and equipment.


I looked it up one day because I liked the word and it got me thinking. I'm thinking Euro Truck Simulator but with off-road, you're under fire, and it's less of a simulator.


Random Thoughts:

You could be in control of a "convoy" of sorts that consists of a transport truck and some jeeps. You can switch between people at any time. The driver of the transport, the driver of a jeep, the gunner of a jeep, one of the soldiers getting transported, the guy in the passenger seat, etc. When you're not controlling them, they're controlled by AI and try to continue what you were doing when you switched away from them. So if you control the transport truck driver, stop, then switch away the AI will not drive off. Also, the soldiers will jump out after a few seconds of being stopped or follow orders. You can stop the transport, get the soldiers out, then gun down surrounding enemies or if you're surrounded then fight in a last stand.


Also, the vehicles have a destruction system so tires can be blown out to create problems. Also, soldiers can have body parts damaged to require medical aid or evacuation. Your performance is measured based on what you get to your destination. If you lose the transport then you don't lose, you just have to try and transport it in the jeeps or on foot if you're desperate.


For the commands and character switching system think Battallion Wars. You can point at someone and press a bunch to switch to them. You can order everyone or individual people to guard things or attack things. AI automatically takes cover and mans guns.


Of course, 90% of this can be simplified. If/when I make it I'll probably start with a 2D top-down view with little destruction and no character swapping.

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Would your enemy be the enemy combatants or also the terrain?

E.g. different missions in different parts of the world with different challenges for your vehicles and personell?

Would you have a recommended route with choke points, ambushes etc?

In the real world a convoy has an escort that scouts ahead looking for ambushes, ied, etc. Will you also control these?

Will the game have a plot?

Do you aim to have multi player support?

So many questions...

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Both would impede your progress, but in your own territory I think enemy combatants would be less of a threat.


There'd be objects, buildings, roads, etc. everywhere for you to use. Enemies ambush you or blockade the easiest path.


You could definitely control scouts or have them automatically go ahead.


A plot? Ehhh, not really.


Multi-player would be really cool. The enemy gets hard-control of the group closest to the enemy convoy and soft-control of all other groups of combatants. Maybe a map and you choose groups. Controlling all at once would let you easily overwhelm the convoy or be complicated to use.

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