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Question about using Bullet Physics and Cal3D (licensing)

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Hi guys!
I've been researching about what I can, what I need to, what I should (but don't need to) and what I must not do when using third-party (is third-party right in this context?) libraries in my project. I intend to sell my game, so it's going to be closed-source. For now, I'm using Bullet Physics, which uses the Zlib License (great licence, makes things very simple), and I will eventually use Cal3D for character animation (skinning, rigging or whatever), which uses the GNU Lesser General Public License.


These are my findings (only the ones which apply to my project - this list has probably a lot of mistakes, so feel free to point them out):


Bullet Physics (Zlib License):

  • I can freely use, modify and redistribute Bullet in a free or commercial project. (And static linking is allowed)
  • I don't need to distribute the license text with the binaries.
  • I should (but don't need to) tell the player I use Bullet in my project. (I will)
  • I must not claim that I originally wrote Bullet. (Of course)


Cal3D (GNU Lesser General Public License):

  • I can use (I don't know if I can modify) and redistribute Cal3D in a free or commercial project.
  • If I link statically I need to, among other things, allow the user to change the library and recompile the project (that would be very messy, so dynamic linking here).


For Bullet I'm pretty sure that's everything (there's like, three restrictions) I need to know. But for Cal3D, well, I'm not so sure. So, do I need to do anything else? Do I need to distribute the license text with the binaries? Is using a DLL enough? Again, feel free to point out any mistake.

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