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Isometric Engines... Help me!

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Hello all! I''m very interested in isometric-technology, but I want to know if it can be yet considered modern... anyone wants to light my way? :-) Tnk Some other questions from e newbie: 1 - What''s the difference between iso2d and iso3d? 2 - How can I have a 3d-isometric-terrain (so.. I want plains, hills, and mountains) maintaining 2d sprite units? 3 - Which API do you use for 2d graphics? Directx, sdl or what? Thanks very much VgP

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Okay, isometric games are modern. They are used a lot of times when a distanced game is needed. For close-up games, usually 3d is used. Not always though. Age of empires? Roller coaster tycoon? Great iso games

1.)iso2d is using a 2d renderer such as direct draw to do graphics. It is easier for beginners to use but it gets complicated when it comes to hills and valleys so that''s why most game companies are using 3d to do their rendering(d3d and openGl). if you want to learn 2d iso games, read tanstaafl''s book "Isometric game programming with directx 7.0". It kinda is tough when it gets to 3d because there is only 2 chapters on it and he expects you to figure everything out.

2.)Okay, i had that problem a little while ago. I built this code to modify the terrain. It uses directx 7.0 with d3d. The vc++ project files are also included. Feel free to use it. As for 2d sprites using d3d, i stopped working on it. I know you have to load it as a texture and set the transparency and then render it but I never got around to including it so sorry bout that. You should be able to figure it out by reading the directx help files or asking around. Here''s the link.

3.)i like directx but you may be different

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