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Kinect depth problem

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I'm trying to convert depth data to pixels(8 bit).


I tried the default formula:

BYTE intensity = static_cast<BYTE>((depth >= nMinDepth) && (depth <= nMaxDepth) ? (depth % 256) : 0);


 pRGBX->rgbRed   = intensity;
 pRGBX->rgbGreen = intensity;
 pRGBX->rgbBlue  = intensity;
However that has a lot of banding issues. I need to get rid of the banding.
So what I did was take the min & max depth values from the kinect, and use them to normalize any depth value the kinect sends me.
After that I would just multiply the normalized value with 255.
The banding is gone however there are still issues such as: there's not much diversity in range, i mean the values are either very close to black, or quite close to white. And most importantly, the artifacts, especially those in the upper right corner.
Any ideas for improvements?

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I dunno, that seems to have plenty of dynamic range to me. You are talking about a 0-255 gradient, so there's only so much visual data you can capture.

Looks more like a calibration problem to me, although I have no idea how configurable the Kinect sensors are.

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NUI data is 16 bits with 3 reserved bits for player masks.

I.e., the conversion looks like: (((unsigned short*)depthPixels)[(((i * depthWidth)+j))] >> 3)


Which means that if you want to destroy your data and convert to 8 bit, that you need to scale by 2^13-1 instead of 2^8-1.

awfulDepth = (((kinectDepth >> 3) / 2^13-1)) * (2^8-1).


Why on earth you would want to do this is beyond me, but good luck.

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