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Henrik LSP

Finding the Time - Interactive love story (playable demo)

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I am proud to announce our new interactive fiction game under development: "Finding the Time".


Try the first playable demo here


With this game we are trying something new. Love is a theme often hinted at in video games, but rarely explored in depth. A love story in a game is usually just an excuse for killing monsters. We think this is a shame and want to test if it is possible to make a game with a plot that revolves exclusively around a love story. 


Please try it out and let us know what you think.



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I rather like the art-style, and the premise. Looking at your screenshots, do I take it correctly that this is essentially something along the lines of a visual novel or graphical interactive-fiction work?


(Speaking of your screenshots, if I may suggest, perhaps post some of them here--doing so may encourage more people to look at your game.)


Have you looked at other, similar works? Emily Is Away might be one to look at, although I feel as though I'm forgetting other, better comparisons.


Finally, I see that you have Web, Mac, Windows and Android builds--is there any chance of a Linux build? (I note that the web build doesn't seem to work in Firefox under Ubuntu Linux. :/ )

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