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Infinity Runner Blueprint

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HI everybody,
I'm a newbie here, so don't chew me up :) - before you start thinking "Oh not, yet another infinity runner" please wipe that thought from your mind!
I've already had a few apps on the market, but now making my next one which is an infinity runner. I"m wondering if there is any "blueprint" to these games?

So a bit of background, i've never had much luck in playing these games, so I really don't know how the more advanced levels are. But from my research, I found that the basics are something like this:

Chunk #1 - Intro screens where the app slowly pulls you into the game - fairly easy

Chunk #2 - Slightly harder levels - bit difficult

Chunk #3 - more harder levels - even more difficult 

and so on...
(This is based on my research with popular games like "The Line Zen" which have really good gameplay value than a flappy bird style infinity runner which is just all random)

Now, how do the popular games on the market work? Do they make you go through each "chunk" every time or do they kinda just dump you into a harder chunk if you've experience playing the game?

Also, if it's the latter, won't players get bored that they have to go through all the initial levels before they get to more harder levels?

THanks in advance

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