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Otakhi Platform: Webgl Real-Time Navier-Stokes Simulation System Getting More Powerful

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Our industry-first WebGL Real-time fluid simulation system is now highly extensible and customizable.


(1) Dynamically add fuel to 3D scene and control background's ambient and fuel's ignition temperatures to trigger explosion.  Manually control temperature, density, and divergence expansion ratio and their dissipation coefficients for optimal effect.  



(2) Tornado - create custom atmosphere phenomenon by dynamically setting each voxel's density, temperature, velocity values in a custom shader. Use a spline path to control tornado's funnel shape.



(3) Turbulence - control 3 octaves of perlin, fractal, and curl noises to increase the entropy of a fluid simulation.



(4) Automatic obstacle's position and velocity detection. It is now possible to create realistic air turbulence effect around helicopter's turbine blades.


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