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[Searching] Gameplay Programmer For 2D Mobile Rpg

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Hi all. 

In the next days I will be publishing my first android game ( a puzzle game, I will writing on it soon on gamedev )

I've developed it entirely from scratch, with C++ and some OpenGL for texture rendering.


I'm thinking about making another game, obviusly more complicated than my first game, and I think that it will be to big to realize for just one person.

Let me start saing that I am a big big fan of RPG's: even if I'm 23, I had the incredible luck to play with an amiga: that allowed me to play great games like "eye of the beholder", "black crypt", "dungeon master", "captive", "Perihelion", ecc. Of course I've also enjoyed all the great RPG's from 2000's: FFVII, VIII, X, "the witcher", "Diablo", "morrowind", "Ghotic", and many more. I'm also a big fan of roguelike/survival: "don't starve", "the binding of isaac", "minecraft", "fallout" ecc.

So I think I have a good all around understanding of RPG in general. (I hope I've made yourself revive your memory with this long list... :) )


But let's get to the point: my intention is to build a 2D rpg with a consistent survival component (pick don't starve as an example), but with a great "levelling" system, that will take many concepts from that of Diablo 2. (I think that it remains the best level system of all time) Of course the goal is to center the game on crafting and looting, like any other respectable RPG.


The view will be substantially top-down, slightly "twisted" (pick that of zelda link to the past as examples) and the setting, of course, will be strictly fantasy, but not too cartoonish or darkish. (let's say half way between don't starve and zelda).


The main platform will be windows, android and iOS, and if all goes well I'm planning to add a big multiplayer support, something like 30-40 player in the same world at the same time.


I know that you're laughing at me, but don't worry, the development will be incrementally (of course): We'll first develop the simplest single-player we can imagine, then we'll pass to a more sophisticated singleP, and finally we'll implements multiplayer if we can and all goes well.


Now let's talk about the "contract" aspect (of course there is no contract, it will start as an hobby project): I'm planning to code from 30 to 32 hours/week, so it will be something like a 3/4 of a full time work.

Of course it's possible that the project is too big for two programmers plus artirts, so I have to take into account from the beginning the possibility of re-demensioning the goals.


I'm basically searching another programmer to help me code the beast: I have no particular request, the only one is to love making games of course, and have a good experience with low level programming or with C++ in general, but also with game programming. I will build the engine from scratch, so probably if you use Unity or UE4 this is not the project for you.


IMPORTANT: we will not use OOP!!


Of course it will be a big, big plus if you have published even a simple game, or if you've developed one by yourself. I'm searching for someone able to dedicate AT LEAST 20/21 hours/week.

My idea is to try finish the simple single player in 12-14 months, an then decide how to proceed.


For what concerns the artirts, I've got a couple of friends that are really good ad drawing, but I'm open to any other possibility. (we could hire someone or we could decide to learn and make it by ourself LOL ).

Of course the revenues (if any) will be equally divided, such as the cost for artist or other things. I'm not very interested in money, so that will surely not be a problem.

Obviusly at a certain point in the development we could decide to lunch a kickstarter campaign or something similar, we'll see how it goes. Again, I can not guarantee any money for me nor for you, but I'm sure that if the game ends up being more or less like I'm imagining it, it will have success. (the vast majority of 2D rpg for android and iOS are ridiculus right now).


In any case, even if I don't find anyone, I will start the project by september.


Let me know by the end of august at:

Of course contact me also if you want to know more about the game, I've written down a lot more about the gameplay than what I've said here.


Sorry for the reeeeally long post, but I absolute want to clarify every aspect of the project, so you have more information as possible and you're able to make the best decision.english, But I ensure that my speech skills are even more awful.


Have a nice day,


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