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What Programming Language And Libraries?

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Hello everyone,


i want to make a turn based strategy game, kinda like final fantasy tactics but a little different.

Whats really important to me is the way it looks, i program it by myself so im gonna start out with 2d, but i want it to look good 2d, kinda like maplestory.


So considering this, what do you guys think is the best programing language / library / software i should use to accomplish.


I am going to my 1th master of computer science and i am knowledgable in c, java, python, lua, scheme.


many thanks

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Given that it's turn-based, you mostly have eons of time, so speed is quite irrelevant.


C is a bit bare metal, it's main advantage is speed, which you don't need.

java is feasible, I think libgdx is something you may want to check out (never used it, so whether it is good for 2D, not sure).

python is feasible, pygame will be your library.

lua seems feasible, although I'd use Python instead. Love2d would be your library (I do program Lua, but I prefer the more complete package you get with Python. Never looked at Love2d)

scheme is a weird choice, no doubt you can program a game in it, but I would not ever use it for a real program.

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I suggest Java programming.Because our computer games run owing to Java.

Err, what?



He might be drunk :P. But I don't think that "because our computer games xxxx to java" is a good argument for a language.


My suggestion is to use Lua. On it's own, it's borderline useless for making graphical games. So I will go ahead and take it a step further and suggest an engine to use with it. Love 2D. 

Reason being... Lua is a very easy to learn language. And it's possibilities are really only limited by your technical knowledge of it (not a whole lot to learn really), and your imagination and problem solving skills. It's very fast with performance only behind C, and you won't need to worry about memory handling and compiling.


The downside of this suggestion, is that Love 2D is bare bones. Which places more reliance on you as a programmer to supply your own tool chain. 2D level editors are all over the internet, you can choose one of them and match their format.

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