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3030 Deathwar Redux - Open-World Space & LucasArts-Style Adventure

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The Space Adventure the 80s never made!
An Open World Space Game mixed with Classic Adventure. 
You can board Space Stations and talk and trade with characters on board. 
You can enter Derelicts and scavenge for goods, while keeping enemies at bay with your spear gun! 
Travel between star systems, trade and loot, hunt pirates or become one yourself! 
Now available on Steam Early Access!
3030 is a long running labor of love. Development on the game started before 2007, going off and on every couple years, with the game being released at least 3 times since then in various stages of completeness. The game was originally borne of a love of the classic Frontier Elite II, and also old school Lucas Arts adventures like the Fate of Atlantis. The Redux version is the culmination of us three developers putting our heads together and finally deciding to make and release the best version of the game possible.
GIFs (slow to load)
  • Open world space exploration and frantic combat with afterburners blazing
  • Board Stations, visit the bars and talk to an array of space scum
  • Ghostly Derelict Ships to find on your Star-Map, spacewalk into, and salvage valuables
  • Large variety of fun Jobs and Missions, with exciting Side Quests
  • Diverse ships to buy and upgrade for Performance, Defence and Combat
  • Get a fuel-scoop and refuel from the corona of a sun without frying yourself!
  • Find Pirate Stations & begin a life of crime, attack innocent traders, steal cargo from traffic
  • Get a large cargo ship and go Asteroid Mining for metals, or haul Goods between systems
  • Hidden wormhole shortcuts, Comets, Unique Stations and other secrets to find
  • An intriguing Main Plot Line... and much, much more!
Early Access
We're actively listening and talking to the community during Early Access, mainly on the Steam Forums. It's working pretty great so far, with players reporting bugs and requesting features, and us fixing and implementing lots of those suggestions. Our goal is to get to full release in about 2-3 months from now.
We got a bit of coverage when we started Early Access, but really nothing too amazing. Our main exposure has been through Youtubers so far, with larger ones like Scott Manley making up the bulk of incoming traffic outside of Steam. Our current plan is to get to 1.0 and then do another big marketing push, including Youtubers, Review Sites and perhaps running some paid-for ads. It seems to us that EA games tend to get ignored by the Press, with a few major exceptions, so it isn't worth putting too much time into PR towards games press before the full release. We really don't know what we're doing though, so any feedback here would be helpful!
Thanks for taking the time and checking us out! We are really looking forward to your feedback!

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