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What could be the causes of weird values printing out by itself in console?

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I've had a weird problem twice before where for some reason, my console window would start printing out really weird stuff, some which made sense and some which wasn't at all readable, and shortly after crash/trigger an exception.

Click me for a preview of the console window

(Another time the console outputted the names of several system-related folders such as SYSWOW64, and system32)

I have managed to solve the issues both times after a bit of trying but I never really understood how it caused the console to print out stuff that made no sense.

So, I'm wondering what the causes could be for this.

Here's one of the exceptions which was thrown a second or so after the console started outputting the weird stuff : (I do not remember how I solved this issue though)

Exception thrown at 0x7281D660 (vcruntime140.dll) in SpaceRage.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x042B1000.

Edit : I also noticed that a weird sound is playing trough my right headset speaker, I assume this could be because of a invalid pointer as well? It would make sense if the pointer points to some sort of sound-driver related things, cause that is also what seems to be printed out in the console.

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