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Looking for 2 Artists. 2D ARPG ('Beginners')

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Short game gif footage (All the art is opensource, none is mine).

Hello, I’m a 19 to 20 ( < 1 month :D) programmer from Spain and I’m developing a 2D ARPG in Unity (C#).  

My first plan with the game was to make something small to be included in a portfolio but the more the game progressed, the more I wanted it to be commercial. I can’t make the game alone, because I have 0 art knowledge and it will take a lot of time. 

In this moment, I'm only looking for 2 artists (also musicians soon). For the best of the project, those who want to join the project will also have to be part of the game design and the marketing as I'll be (we won't just make the game, but also work on the business part).

Once the game released, we all will be paid a % of the revenues (and maybe we can start another project =)).


  • 2D art for the game && social media/website.
  • Be creative and take part in the game design (3 people will have better ideas than just me :\).
  • Help with the marketing (this will be to post/retweet about our game, etc,… not to invest any money).
  • Help me with the maps creation.

If you are interested in taking part of the project just DM me with this (Only '*' required to fill but the more the better):

  • Name:
  • *Age:
  • *Link to portfolio (or similars):
  • *Skills (art,webdev, video edition, …):
  • Microphone (Yes/No):
  • *Languages(English compulsory): .
  • Twitter:
  • Main reason you want to join?:
  • Any question?:

Portfolio or showing me some works and basic english languague level is required.

If you have any question feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance and best regards!



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