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Job In The QA/Testing Industry

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I have lived in Vermont my entire life, you don't need like any knowledge of anything to get jobs there, everything is new to me and I have no idea what I should be doing or even where to begin with writing something up. I have been beta testing and QA testing for my friends in small environments for about 6 years now. Breaking games with glitches and find all sorts of bugs in a verity of different ways and settings. I have also learned how to build, assemble, and compile in a few different engines. The biggest thing is getting my foot in the door with all the knowledge of how to break stuff and find issues in a map/game. Basic testing and hands on experience in just game play is all I have since everything was made already there was no need for Black Box and Gray Box testing. What would I need to know or where should I even begin looking for information going forward in pursuing a career in the QA/Testing world. Any and all information would be much appreciated and very helpful.



Josh Stanley.


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