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ImageFunGames: A new game engine

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I'd like to announce that I am working on a game engine, written in Unity3d, that allows a person to create a game by drawing it on a piece of paper. Originally, work started on basic retro-style 2d games. This spring, 3d gaming was introduced. The near-term goal is to be able to create a Wolfenstein3d-like experience by drawing a map on a piece of paper and scanning it into your computer.

The game engine will soon be released as a crowd-sourced application and is currently in it's alpha stages. Even so, simple first-person-shooter games can be built at this time. Network play, for 2 players, is almost complete and many more features are planned.

Support for other game genres are also planned. At this time, overhead view games are possible but require some regression testing as the current focus has been on the 3d experience. Platform games may be added in the future as well. As Unity3d is used as the game engine, to write this game engine, many other future possibilities exist.

The website is at https://www.imagefungames.com

I have also posted a youtube video that shows a game map being turned into a FPS and some basic game play here:

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