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24/48 directional searches when sizes b/w agents and cells are comparable

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I wonder if 24/48 directional search for turn-based pathfinding all that useful if the cell size and the agent size is comparable, consider the case where the agent is 2m by 2m and the cell size is 1m by 1m, and if I seek the surrounding neighbouring 24 cells... the first 8 cells will be the instant neighbours, and the next 16 cells are the outer ones beyond the instant ones, then the outer layer will be just 2 meters or something away from the source, but the agent itself is already 2meters wide, so the directional search won't be giving you any benefits at all. Of course, if the agent is 1m by 1m, the 2m-away cell would give you a shortcut to some unreachable cells...

Anything to add?



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