Visual tracking using webcam in unreal engine 4

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mahamohy    0

Hello everybody ,i am making a game using unreal 4 i need to track the player using a camera to control the virtual objects in the game by his/her movement .. i was deciding to use kinect v1 as it is available in my college ,but i read it is not compatible with unreal ,any suggestions if using a webcam will go right ,or any other device for tracking but not cost alot?
Thanks alot.

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Scouting Ninja    3951
1 hour ago, mahamohy said:

i was deciding to use kinect v1 as it is available in my college ,but i read it is not compatible with unreal

No matter what you use you will have to do the tracking manually. The kenetic camera's are programmed to follow humans not objects, so you will have to do that part yourself. You are free to use any camera.


I used the Leap Motion camera a while back to try and create 3D objects from the feedback in Unreal 4, only managed to make it track to position of my pen.

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frob    44903
3 hours ago, mahamohy said:

using a camera to control the virtual objects in the game by his/her movement

As Scouting Ninja wrote, this is something you'll be coding up yourself. You'll need to connect to the device and do the programming.

As for control, the difficulty comes from the gestures or motions you want to support in your timeframe.

You mention a webcam. Back in the late 1990s I had a school assignment to detect simple gestures with a webcam, find which direction a hand is pointing (up/down/left/right). That is enough for a few weeks of effort by a college student. 

You also mention Kinect. The Kinect SDK does quite a lot for you. The SDK is freely available and anyone with an XBox can pull theirs off and plug it in to the PC.   It creates a tree of joints that it detects --- which is occasionally incomplete or inaccurate --- and you can recognize simple gestures with it.  If you attempt more complex gestures you'll need to do more work, so start with simple things like arms raised or an arm pointing in a direction.  Again, for a college student a single up/down/left/right is probably a few weeks of effort.


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