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Hoverboard Version 4

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Here is my latest hoverboard design for those that like to DIY.

Physical features:

  • Uses the Vive controllers as the handles and trackers.
  • It moves around like a joystick using the bicycle suspension spring in the picture.
  • This spring system also allows for easy pack away.
  • The attachments are agricultural water tank fittings that have been machined to fit.


Engine features:

  • Pitch accelerates and also the trigger acts as a throttle.
  • For  physics I use slip and slide against terrain with reflection off plants (think pin ball machine).

Things I've learnt doing this:

  • Keep the board you stand on flat, its too hard to balance with the eye wear on.
  • Vive controller orientation is critical so you need some kind of alignment system like the white plastic on the top of the pole.
  • Turning is based on controller roll and yaw. Don't allow your physics to spin the board or it will turn into a vomit comet.



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With a gun turret showing hot spot targeting. The thumbpad/trackpad on the controller targets the turret. It plays out a bit like jousting because its hard to keep focused on a target when moving.




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I've moved on now but for completeness this is what I ended up with. Only uses one fitting is easier to align in game and frees up one controller.Hoverboard05.thumb.jpg.eeede6e653771930315e7c8caacd0876.jpgHoverboard07.thumb.jpg.930ddb68b1fe107bb8cea8aff10ae31e.jpg



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