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Hello, i want to create my own ps2 game just for fun.

I know javascript-still learning it.

What do i need to make a ps2 game(software,skills, etc.)

i know i need license but i dont want to publish it, just a game for me and my friend


P.S i want to make it 2d (i have a lot to study and dont have enough time to make it 3d)

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PS2 Development has quite the "homebrew" scene if you know where to look. This is likely due to the insane success of the console back in it's more nimble years. I found a site that seems to take you through the basics of setting up your development environment, loading textures, 2d animation, etc. 


A word of caution, console development, especially, early console development, is usually quite low-level. It's not uncommon for C to be the primary language, and to be inter-mixed with assembly (Not sure for the PS2). While already knowing a programming language will most certainly help, Javascript won't be the language you'll be leveraging on the platform. 

However, I'm a firm believer that if you truly want to do something, difficulty can be a cliff note to a foregone conclusion, and in such case, Good Luck!

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