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Dear reader,

for my long term hobby project I'm looking for additional contributors/ one or more partners in mind that could take the challange and bring some fresh air into the project. Are you in search of a challenge and want to support all those game developers out there seeking for something lightweight to make their great creations or do you ever liked to make your game from scratch developed with state-of-the-art technology? Then this might be your chance!

I'm a long time gamer, designer, developer, board game fan and hobbyist board game author, passionated in games since age of 6 with addiction to video games. Working as senior in the games industrie at day, at night tinkering at my very own game engine and ideas for games I want to make with it popping into my mind from time to time. After some iterations and a straight learning curve I felt ready to publish some pieces of my work to GitHub and now want to find a team or partner or any contributors that don't want to be part of a team but anyways feel inspired to make something on their own, to inspire each other and get new prespectives on this huge but very interesting topic and keep motivation up and running.


The Framework

I started to be interested in game engines arround 21 years ago growing up with Unreal Engine and some popular products like A8 Engine I always had the dream to create something on my own that I could use to easily bring my ideas to life. The framework is on a non-commercial base designed with performance and the goal of customization but also simplicity in mind. This is the reason I decided to have not just a package manager but also a custom build tool to have any user work how he/she likes with their favorite IDE and compiler on their favorite platform. It is planned to have the product work on an ammount of platforms (where Windows is currently the only platform supported but Linux/Android and hopefully one day Sony and Nintendo are on my target list too) where the framework should work on any platform that supports .NET/ Mono and C# 4.

I'm always intended to improve the workflow whenever possible!


Your Tasks

  • Further develop and improve already existing features and modules
  • Design, prototype, implement and test usefull features and modules
  • Keep an eye on the code because I'm just a human too; humans make mistakes
  • Maintain the public reposetories at GitHub and related resources



Because I already worked together with some people interested in the project

  • At least some experience on the generalist level in C++ and/or C#
  • Experience in using command line tools
  • Knowledge about build-pipelines, build-tools and at least one common IDE like Visual Studio
  • Good communication skills and a reliable response time
  • Disciplined self-reliant and motivated work style
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • A Discord account
  • At least 5 hours per Week to work on this project


Considered a Plus

  • Knowledge of the German language
  • As passionated as I am for all aspects of game development
  • Working as professional in the industry too, especially in engine/ tools development


I offer

No money because I'm working for non-profit in my spare time and at my own charge, but a friendly, motivated and passioned teammate in a highly professional work environment and technical knowledge from a long-term industrie professional.


Dear reader, thank you for taken the time to read the full post and if you have any questions or want to work with me/us, please feel free to send a PM or Discord Message with a short introduction and a brief time schedule so I/we have an overview to plan further development.

Thank you in advance!

Stay tuned and take also a look at the list of related posts

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After a long go, I'm now on refactoring the build tool and still would love to have one or two active companions taking action in this project

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I made a Java modular game engine during my PhD.
I have a few extra physics  features/demos currently broken that I hope to release again end of the year.
Case you're interested in using it to port to C++ ou C#

Not interested in programming but doubts regarding specific algorithms fell free to ask.

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