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choosing proper subject titles for new threads

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Folks, When you post a new thread, please provide a subject title that indicates the contents of the thread. Its better that you do not provide a title that gives no indication of the contents of your thread. Better subject titles help people to browse the forums more efficiently, AND (a big benefit to you) you are much more likely to receive more visits and responses to your posts. The following subject title examples are poor because they do not invite people to be interested in reading the post. (I don''t mean for these to be actual titles that people have used---just examples of poor titles that I made up.) "a difficult problem" "here''s a tricky one for you" "Argggghhh!!!" "here''s an easy one for you" "Help me please!!!" "Pulling my hair out...." Here are some more appropriate examples, much better titles in my opinion. These titles ARE actual titles from the Math & Physics forum: "Line / Sphere intersection" "Integrals and Derivatives in C++" "Biased Random number" "Length of a Spline" "Moving Around 3D Land Question..." "Converting a Vector to Euler Rotations" "uniform particles on a polygon" While these titles don''t describe the problem or issue in detail, they do provide a clue about what the thread is about. People who are interested in the clue will probably visit the thread and respond. Remember, if you post a non-specific title, chances are many people who would normally respond to your post will probably just decide not to open the thread. Be specific and you''ll get better response. Graham Rhodes Senior Scientist Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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Yeah, not to mention people like me usually don''t read threads with a subject title that doesn''t even make sense... I usually only tend to read those that I think I can help in... No sense wasting my time with a thread with a title that I don''t get.

rm -rf /bin/laden

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