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Proper use of Vertex Buffers

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I understand the main concept of vertex buffer / index buffers but what is the best way to use them? The vertex buffer should be initialized only once, and it shouldn''t be too big or too small. (nvidia proposes a 4k vb) Lets say the scene will have about 10000 vertices. Creating a vb this size would be a little bit to big I think, so what I would do is create a vb with size 4000 and fill it each time before calling DrawIndexedPrimitive. Is this really that fast or am I doing something wrong? ALex

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I think you''re right, look at these steps :

- Create the vertex buffer with a big size
- Create te index buffer with a big size (could be static if your objects does not morph)

2 Options:
- Fill an array with transformed/untransformed vertices
- Lock the vertex buffer
- memcpy the array into the vertex buffer
- Unlock the vertex buffer

- Do step #1 once in INITIALIZATION
- Apply world transformations on vertices in the vertex buffer

- Destroy the vertex buffer

These are methods. Maybe there are others, but I think these are the most straightforward.


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dont use 4000, use 4096 if you want 4k.
should better align to page/cache-line bounds.

besides i read an ati doc. that suggested 4MB(!) vertex buffer.
i think the VB should be quit big.
just dont fire all your polys at once.

one important thing if you use dynamic geometry (and hence dynamic index/vertex buffers) is to create them with the "dynamic" flag and fill them with "nooverwrite"/"discard" flags set appropriately.
read more on this in the SDK.

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