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Problems Installing SuSE 7.3 Pro

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roka-tarat    122
Hello people! I''m trying to install SuSE 7.3 in an old computer, an IBM PC Server 320 (Type 8640-0DV, Dual Pentium 133). I have a BIG problem: linux doesn''t detect the PCI subsystem... Using dmesg, it says first that he has encountered PCI, and then "PCI BIOS not found" (or something like this). I don''t know why this happens, because using the standar IBM tools disk it says that there''s one pci bus, a SCSI controller card and a network card... The mainboard of this computer use a intel 430NX chipset, Anyone know why it doesn''t work, or how can I solve it? Thanks a lot P.S.: Sorry for my bad English...

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