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    No - you only call 'new LineFormula' inside static functions, which are basically much the same as global functions in that they don't require an instance of the class, except they exist within the class's scope. i.e. LineFormula.FindY doesn't require an instance of LineFormula to run, but it does return a new instance when it completes. This is pretty much just 3 'factory' functions, which is a common pattern for constructing objects that have complex parameters and therefore constructors alone may not suffice.
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    MaLoc[,] m_Map is an array that holds MaLoc classes, but the entries are all null by default, as C# classes are handled by reference, much like a C++ pointer. This is obviously different from C++ where an array contains the objects themselves. You will need to allocate m_Map[0,0] as a new MaLoc(), and then you can safely assign to its gobj member. You probably want to create new instances for each slot in the array.
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    The next step is to get a working prototype of the game. So either start learning how to make one or try to find people that are willing to do it (which is unlikely).
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    Yes, there is a very wide selection of styles in pixel art. You can find very simple art like in NES: Then you can find a different style, still using the limitations during the NES time: Now you can find other pixel art with even more detail: It's up to you as the artist to define your style and how far you're willing to go to achieve the desired results.
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    I'm confused, I think... What is wrong with the following data structure to hold texture data? struct Texture { unsigned int width, height, bits_per_pixel; char *data; }; // Or: struct Texture { ~Texture() { delete [] data; } unsigned int width, height, bits_per_pixel; char *data; }; It's not like this is going to be a chunk of code that turns up in any profiler unless you do insane things with it. The only way you'll "miss" the destructor call is if you fail to delete the Texture struct itself. If you want to go full bore C++, which is perfectly fine, you can use your first example struct. Use smart pointers to manage the texture's life (unique_ptr and use .get() to pass around a raw pointer, check for nullptr and you're off to the races).
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    Also, Community Edition is not only for students, and you may sell your developed games/apps. Unless you are a bigger company which you from the sounds of it aren't. It's pretty clear actually: https://www.visualstudio.com/license-terms/mlt553321/
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    Sounds like a genuine compiler error. If your code is reading something like LPCWSTR myString= “some text”; Just add a L before the string LPCWSTR myString = L“some text”; A LPCWSTR points to 16 bit wide Unicode characters whilst char[] (I.e. char*) points to 8 bit ANSI characters. See here for more information. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ff381407(v=vs.85).aspx I’m not totally sure of the setting you are referring to, but you can set the character set for your project to ANSI (Multi byte) or Unicode. This setting can be found in the project properties, general character set in visual studio. Also why are you not using a newer version of Visual Studio like 2017 community?
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    Thanks for the help guys. I'm still new to OpenGL and I made a big mistake. Instead of reusing data stored in VBOs, I uploaded same data for each of the entity every frame. As soon as I stopped doing that my performance went from 70ms per frame, to 8ms per frame
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    Welcome! Proper paid jobs go on our jobs board. Listings are paid, but are very affordable compared to equivalents elsewhere and get great exposure both on the site and our social media, and all funds go towards supporting the site so we can keep doing good things for the community. We also have a 'Hobby Projects' forum. Post approval is turned on for that forum, and posts are normally approved for display within a day or so. You'll find both of the above under 'Careers' in our main navigation. Hope that helps!
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    Hello All,There has been quite a few updates to the project so I figured its best to compress them all on here to let you all know how we have progresses. Fox is here Fox is a guide, a friend, and a all round great guy. He is a central character to the gameplay. We’ve started with a basic dialogue tree, but we will be expanding this out as the game develops. Range of topics can vary! Player Levelling We’ve tweaked and improved the player levelling. In case you missed it, meditating/playing daily will activate a streak system, which will level up your character. Why are streaks so important? Because consistency is crucial to get the full benefits of meditation. This is why streaks are at the heart of our game. Your character level is linked to your playne, as your character grows your playne grows with you. More details in the ‘World Evolution’ topic below. The World We wanted to create a world that is calming and we wanted nature to be at the heart of it. We spent a lot of time putting together the right assets to create a lush environment that just helps you to Zen-tf-out Day time Night Time + Fireflies Aurora Borialis Dynamic Day/Night system and campfire linked to your streaks As you maintain streaks the world will transitions from night to day and your campfire will grow. Each player level signifies a day, so when you level-up the day and campfire will reset again. But when the time/campfire resets, you should notice changes in the game world which wern’t there before. More details in the ‘World Evolution’ topic below. World Evolution is Here You begin the game with an empty world but it will grow as you progress. As you level up you’ll notice trees, grass, fireflies and a lot more getting added to your world. The trees will be the most visually striking element of your playne. They will start as a wee sprout and will grow to become glorious, majestic trees, as long as you maintain your streak and level up your character! Ambient Sounds + Music We've added a range of deep, encompassing nature ambient sounds to your playne. There are layers of audio which transitions with the dynamic time system. Music has also been added. Full list of fixes (from alpha) and updates Fixes / additions from alpha build: some dialogue audio added fix: Camera transitions has been added – swish! fix: button added to go to the beginning of the dialogue tree Updated HUD with level and days to level info You now create a streak after completing your first session You are now notified when you level up fix : Displayed level numbers are now correct fix : Moved player level info from bottom footer to its own space on the header fix : Progress bar now only resets if your streak resets fix : Issues resolved where first session was not getting saved fix : Streak status is now checked when you load the game Lighting has been redesigned to add more visual sass Moon position has been fixed indirect lighting recalculates correctly now on load various other optimisations - 30% GPU load reduced Ground textures have been reworded Optimisations to improve GPU utilisation fix : Start time updates so its sunny for longer
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