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    I planned on making only two songs for the game, but I ended up making three... but I'm only going to use two for the challenge. Here's a link to the playlist: Then I spend some time making a bunch of sounds and also using sounds I've purchased and/or gathered from free sources over the years. And then I added the sounds into the game... well mostly. I also added in the menus and title screen and the map screen I wanted. I do have to do better for some of the SFX, but I wasn't near my other computer or my backups and I didn't want to download gigs of sounds files to go through them... but I will eventually get around to it if I have time, which I think I will. Some of the sounds I'm actually happy with, and some are alright. There are a few sounds left to do, the key doors, and then two more levels to design and then create, fix some bugs, and then the game will be ready to go. I'm very hopeful that I have enough time, I'm going to try to finish as early as I can this time. It's been a fun challenge.
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    InnovateHer is teaming up with Sony’s PlayStation brand to expand its eight week tech programme for teenage girls to more locations across the country. The Digital Bootcamp programme aims to give girls aged between 12-16 key tech and interpersonal skills whilst encouraging them to consider STEM subjects and careers in tech. Currently, girls make up only 20% of computer science entries at GCSE, and just 10% at A-level, with nine times more boys than girls gaining an A level in Computer Science this year. InnovateHer, whose mission is “to get girls ready for the tech industry, and the industry ready for girls”, recently pledged to tackle these figures by committing to work with schools to reach over 1,000 girls by 2020. PlayStation previously worked with InnovateHer’s sister brand Liverpool Girl Geeks to deliver a similar educational programme in Liverpool in 2016. The programme saw 20 girls take part in technology themed workshops across 6 weeks, and included an invitation to PlayStation’s Wavertree offices to meet technical staff and learn more about how games are developed and tested. Now, InnovateHer is working with PlayStation again to develop a scalable 8-week Digital Bootcamp programme in order to reach more girls in new locations across the UK. The after school programme will teach girls technical skills, build confidence, and highlight local opportunities within the tech and digital industries. Working with PlayStation has allowed InnovateHer to extend the programme further afield, including Guildford and London. Programmes will start in selected schools during January 2020, and graduates of the programme will have a chance to showcase their work at next year’s Develop conference in Brighton. Chelsea Slater, Co-founder of InnovateHer says, “We’re proud to be working with PlayStation again on our tech programme for girls. The issues we see around the gender pay gap and low numbers of women in the tech community are the culmination of the seeds that get sown early in young women’s academic careers. Our mission is to get girls ready for the tech industry, and to get the industry ready for girls, and a huge part of this is challenging the misconception that girls “can’t do” STEM subjects like Computer Science, equally that the STEM industry doesn’t cater for women. That’s why it’s important for us that our programme reaches girls not just locally, but nationally, too, and that it aims to show young women just what opportunities are open to them. Thanks to PlayStation’s support and recognition, we are able to do just that.” If schools in the three areas wish to have the InnovateHer programme, then an expression of interest form can be found at; http://bit.ly/iher2020 To find out more about InnovateHer, or to enquire about partnerships, visit: www.innovateher.co.uk If your school is based in London, Liverpool or Guildford and wishes to take part in the InnovateHer programme, then an expression of interest form can be found here: http://bit.ly/iher2020 To find out more about InnovateHer, or to enquire about partnerships, visit: www.innovateher.co.uk
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    Depends on the accuracy that you need and the number of checks. My point was just that I didn't understand the TO's problem if he read (and understood) articles about visibility checks from the cameras POV but doesn't know how to check to objects that are not the camera. It's basically the same problem. However, you can remove all objects from the test that are behind the target object. Then you have 2 effects when using this reduced frustums. If the object is far away, the frustum gets really small, causing a lot of objects to fail the initial frustum check. Additionally, the frustum gets completely blocked by a single object more frequently, allowing you to exit the entire test early. On the other hand, if the object is really close, you don't need to check so many objects, since the ground you need to cover is rather small. Of course, if you have a lot of those checks to perform even that might be too much. There are many things you can do to speed things up but I know nothing in particular that doesn't apply also to standard frustum/occlusion culling. The extreme case would be the single ray solution you proposed, but as I said, I think that this might be not accurate enough for what the TO is intending to, but maybe I am wrong. Greetings
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    Hi, I have interest developing Game Engine.But,you know it is very difficult and sometimes i feel unmotivated.So,I look for programmers who has passion about it.We will learn topics,then talk about them on Discord,so we will help one another and will learn faster.And we can build very good portfolio together.If you are interested pls send mail me => mr.vasifabdullayev@gmail.com
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    I use polar decomposition. It decomposes a 3x3 matrix into a rotational and 'stretch' matrix. This is a good resource on this topic: https://research.cs.wisc.edu/graphics/Courses/838-s2002/Papers/polar-decomp.pdf Say you transform a vertex by a hierarchy of rotations and scale. E.g. v' = R2 * S2 * ( R1 * S1 * v ) v' = R2 * ( R1 * R1^T )* S2 * ( R1 * S1 * v ) v' = ( R2 * R1 ) * ( R1^T * S2 * R1 * S1 ) * v v' = R * S R * S is obviously a valid decomposition, but the scaling factor is not a pure 'stretch' as it still contains rotation. This can lead to interpolation artifacts. If you just want to bake the scaling part into some geometry this will be fine. So what kind of decomposition you choose depends a bit on what you are trying to do.
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    The main advantage is that it's fool-proof, i.e. it fails at compile-time if you pass it a non-array type such as a pointer, whereas the sizeof trick silently produces incorrect results. // This function looks like it takes a fixed-size array as argument, but it really takes a pointer. void f(int a[10]) { std::cout << sizeof(a) / sizeof(a[0]) << "\n" << std::flush; // Silently produces incorrect result. std::cout << array_size(a) << "\n" << std::flush; // Fails at compile-time. }
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    ▼ Watch the Devlog on YouTube ▼ ▲ Watch the Devlog on YouTube ▲ Hey everyone! I recently started the development of N.E.S.T, an action-packed, looter-shooter mobile game, and have been logging the progress through videos on YouTube every week! You can view the full playlist here. I would greatly appreciate if you could support the development of this game by subscribing to me on YouTube here, or by following me on itch.io here. Thanks for your time, and hope to see you all there!
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    Hi ! I would like to share this VIRTUAL REALITY game I am working on right now ! PriVRateer is a breathtaking space ship battle game that you can play alone or with friends ! A beta testing version is available for free (see bellow): Here is where you can download and play the game: https://discordapp.com/invite/Wt8MkJ7 Don't forget to check out my website and subscribe to my newsletter to get some really cool free sounds all along the year: www.ogsoundfx.com And also check out my Patreon page and see all the goodies you could get all the while helping me out: https://www.patreon.com/ogsoundfx
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    As usual, my video devlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg The system supports loading of the human male models with different features and armor. Previously, the NPC were all loaded with the same hardcoded item set. Now I can define how each NPC looks like in the NPC configuration and then load it accordingly in the game. In this picture, you can see different NPCs with differnt armor set, and also the Thugs are loaded with different configuration. Soon character creation and customisation will also be worked on, and that will benifit from what has been done in this direction, regarding the loading of characters with different features and armors.
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    Both episodes 1 and 2 are now available in Fateless for Windows. Episode 2, along with the usual run-and-gun FPS play, has collectible floppies and cassette tapes. Right now they have no purpose, other than giving you a satisfying "gulp" sound effect and a flash of color, but maybe in the future the tapes could contain audio diaries? And maybe floppies could contain maps to secret areas and such? Also, now that it's on desktop, it's much easier to record a quality video of the game. Here it is:
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