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  • 08/22/19 09:00 PM

    AI Used to Protect Endangered Animal in Taiwan



    Just another amazing thing AI has been up to lately, via NVIDIA.

    Less than 500 leopard cats live in a natural habitat that interferes with development projects in central Tawian. The leopard cats can be also found as victims of roadkill in the region.


    DT42, a Taiwan-based deep learning startup, and a research team led by Ya-Yu Chiang, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), are collaborating on an AI project initiated by Taiwan’s Directorate General of Highways to detect leopard cats when they near roads and keep them out of harm’s way, reducing roadkills.

    One of the many features of this AI is to detect roadside leopard cats and warns of their presence and drives them away with sounds and lights. Below is a demo of the detection system.


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