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  • 06/26/19 02:02 PM

    AMD Releases OCAT 1.5 - FPS Overlay and Perf Measurement Tool


    • Posted By khawk

    A new version of OCAT - the Open Capture and Analytics Tool with an FPS overlay and performance measurement for D3D11, D3D12, and Vulkan - has been released. OCAT 1.5 includes several new features and fixes, including a lag indicator overlay with a new metric estimating the driver lag representing the time between when the CPU starts work on a frame and when that frame finishes rendering.

    OCAT runs in parallel with your game, sampling available DXGI presentation metrics to give an accurate view of frame timing, pacing, and delivery that is as lightweight and unobtrusive as possible.

    Learn more from the post on GPUOpen or get OCAT from the Github repo here.

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