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  • 05/14/19 03:24 PM

    Emcore3D - Native VR/AR Engine for iOS


    Matt Hunter

    There is a new 3D AR Engine for iOS available called Emcore3D , www.emcore3d.com. It is native, fast and lightweight, so no need to use the bulk of Unity.

    There is a free trial available if you want to test it.   Integration is super simple and it allows you to throw a 3D model into AR in no time.

    Emcore3D features include - Multiple shaders per scene, optimised session and memory management, OBJ & FBX support, scale, shadows, proximity triggers.

    You can even augment 3D models and environments with image, video and audio content - all served from your own CDN.

    Download now at www.emcore3d.com

    Why The World Needs A Super '3D-AR Engine'

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