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  • 04/23/19 03:19 PM

    GLFW 3.3 Released


    • Posted By khawk

    GLFW, the open source, multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and Vulkan development on the desktop has announced the 3.3 release. This release adds:


    gamepad input via SDL_GameControllerDB, support for Vulkan on macOS via MoltenVK, better handling of high-DPI and scaling, changing attributes of existing windows, raw mouse motion input, explicit support for joystick hats/dpads, user attention requests, transparent windows and framebuffers (where possible), query for monitor work area, more run-time configuration, various other features as well as fixes for a large number of bugs.

    Learn more and download here.

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    Still no support for native os windows...

    Edited by Programmer71

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