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  • 01/07/19 04:22 PM

    Investment in Game-Based Learning Sharply Up in 2018


    • Posted By khawk
    Investment in game-based learning companies was sharply up in 2018, according to leading serious games analyst firm, Metaari. A total of $2.25 billion went to 133 companies. In contrast, $948.2 million was invested in 150 game-based learning companies in 2017.
    While the number of deals declined slightly in 2018, funding levels were much higher and investment more than doubled. Almost 100 companies reported raising substantial funds.
    Seventeen PreK-12 academic-facing companies obtained funding in 2018. Twenty-one corporate-focused companies producing game-based training were funded.
    China is the education technology center of the universe, at least for now, according to Adkins. In 2018, 51 Chinese game-based learning companies garnered a combined total of $539.3 million. Nearly 50% of all ed tech investments made in 2018 went to Chinese companies. 
    “This is the first time in the history of the industry that China overtook the US. A stunning $7.22 billion was invested in 207 Chinese learning technology companies in 2018,” Sam Adkins said.
    Metaari produces annual reports on the global game-based learning market. The reports, available from Serious Play Events, include an analysis of the catalysts driving the market as well as both a demand and supply-side analysis, providing publishers with the ability to choose high-yielding opportunities. In July, Metaari predicted a 37.1% CAGR growth rate for game-based learning products over the next five years. That growth would mean revenues will more than quadruple to well over $17 billion by 2023. 
    Metaari’s Global 2018-2023 Game-Based Learning Market is available for sale from Serious Play Conference here: www.seriousplayconf.com/reports
    Metaari also produces reports on the Mixed Reality Learning Market and the Market for Mobile Educational Games.

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    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows out of these 133 companies that received investment, how many were UK based?  Thanks, Molly

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