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  • 03/25/19 09:11 PM

    Leadwerks Game Engine 4.6 released


    • Posted By khawk
    Leadwerks Game Engine 4.6 is now available. The update adds Steam peer-to-peer networking, lobbies, voice chat, and more. A new multiplayer game template makes it easy to get started with your own multiplayer games, adding new depth and interactivity to the fun. The release also includes over 100 bug fixes.
    New Classes:
    • Lobby
    • P2P
    • Voice
    Other changes:
    • New parameters for better control over physics springs.
    • World::Update() now has an optional parameter for number of sub-steps, can be used for improved physics precision.
    • Model editor view range is calculated from model extents, so if you load a model that is huge it won't be invisible.
    • Model editor displays number of limbs as well as vertices and triangles.
    • Settings file is now saved any time changes are made in the options editor.
    • Menu item added for Leadwerks Marketplace.
    • Menu item added for Discord chat.
    • Linux version of engine now built on Ubuntu 18.04.

    Learn more from the Leadwerks blog.

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