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  • 04/09/19 11:00 PM

    NVIDIA GDC 2019 Slides Available


    • Posted By khawk

    NVIDIA has made all of their GDC 2019 slides available. The talks cover a variety of topics include real-time ray tracing, machine learning, mesh shading, Vulkan, PhysX, and more.

    The talks include:

    Ray Tracing - Guidance

    Ray Tracing - Examples

    • Shadows of the Tomb Raider: Ray Tracing Deep Dive (download)
    • Exploring Raytraced Future in Metro Exodus (download)
    • RTX in Justice (download)
    • Quake 2: RTX On! (download)
    • Ray Tracing in Vulkan (download)

    Ray Tracing - Tech

    • A Fast Forward Through "Ray Tracing Gems" (download)
    • Improving Temporal Antialiasing with Adaptive Ray Tracing (download)
    • Ray-Traced Water Caustics with DXR (download)
    • Ray-Traced Irradiance Fields (download)

    Tools and Debugging

    • Getting the Most From Your Vulkan Applications with NVIDIA Nsight Graphics (download)
    • Speed of Light DXR Ray Tracing with NVIDIA Nsight Graphics (download)
    • Optimizing DX12/DXR GPU Workloads using Nsight GPU Trace and the Peak-Performance-Percentage Method (download)


    • Truly Next-Gen: Adding Deep Learning to Games & Graphics (download)

    Latest Rendering Technology

    • NVIDIA Adaptive Shading Overview (download)
    • Image-to-Image Translation for Content Creation (download)
    • PhysX 4: Raising the Fidelity and Performance of Physics Simulation in Games (download)
    • Asteroids Mesh Shading with DX12 (download)



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